Thrills and Tranquility: Hidden Vale Adventure Park


Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Hidden Vale, the Hidden Vale Adventure Park (HVAP) promises an unforgettable outdoor adventure for adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts alike. Recently, we embarked on an epic day of shuttle-assisted mountain biking at this hidden gem, leaving us with cherished memories and a desire to return.

Shuttle-Assisted Mountain Biking

Our adventure began with an exhilarating shuttle ride that took us to the top of the Devine trail, a heart-pounding 3.5km descent. The wind in our hair and the scent of eucalyptus in the air, we navigated the trail with a mixture of thrill and awe.

After conquering the Devine trail, our trusty Can-Am shuttles whisked us 500 meters above sea level to the aptly named 500 Above Trail. This 7km descent provided stunning vistas of the surrounding wilderness, leaving us spellbound as we descended to the base.

The final leg of our biking extravaganza led us to Skyfall, Snappy Turtle, and Trailer Thrash. With a perfect blend of challenging descents and manageable climbs, we immersed ourselves in a world of natural beauty and adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Post-Biking Refreshments and Lake Dyer Interlude

After an adrenaline-charged day of biking, we retreated to the HVAP restaurant for a well-deserved lunch and refreshing drinks. The friendly staff and inviting ambiance provided the perfect setting to recharge for the next leg of our journey.

Following lunch, we made our way to the serene Lake Dyer. The cool waters provided a welcome respite, and we reveled in the tranquility, taking in the sights and sounds of this hidden oasis.

Warm Hospitality at Hipcamp

As the sun began its descent, we headed to our Hipcamp, where we were met with warm smiles and open arms by our gracious hosts. Dean indulged in a relaxing remedial massage, while I had the privilege of setting up camp in a breathtaking location, perched atop a hill that offered sweeping views of the surrounding wilderness.

Under the star-studded sky, we kindled a campfire and prepared epic burgers, savoring each bite as the temperature cooled, and the tranquility of the night enveloped us.

Sunrise Farewell and Pumptrack Fun

The following morning greeted us with spectacular morning views. With the crackling of the campfire, we cooked bacon and eggs, savoring the simple pleasures of a hearty campfire breakfast.

After packing up, we made our way to a nearby pumptrack for a final burst of two-wheeled fun. Laughter and cheers echoed through the air as we relished the last moments of our epic adventure.


Our journey to Hidden Vale Adventure Park was nothing short of extraordinary. From heart-pounding descents on world-class trails to serene moments by Lake Dyer and the warm hospitality of our Hipcamp hosts, every moment was etched in our memory. As we made our way back home, we carried with us the promise of returning to this hidden paradise for more adventures, more tranquility, and more unforgettable moments beneath the stars.

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